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Earlier today I had a reveleation. It’s a thought that occurs to me often but each time this thought comes I am always taken back with surprise. Without fail I invariably come to this conclusion on a regular basis: life is awesome, simply and beautifully awesome. Each day is a brand new adventure filled with so many interesting things and so many interesting people. I am truly grateful for where I am today because it is this place that makes life so amazing. One might wonder why I am filled with so much optimism.  I would like to demonstrate this by telling you about my day today.

I woke up at 0500 this morning. I took a shower and got myself ready for the day and then I sat down to and did some yoga and breathing meditations. Then my friend Jesse came to pick me up and we went to the dome together to meditate with over 1,500 people. Meditation feels pretty great but when you do it with such a large number of people the feeling is out of this world.

We meditated for about an hour and half and then went to campus. I love to start my day with this routine; it sets the right pace for the rest of my day. By the time I leave the dome I feel very relaxed, energetic, centered and ready to conquer the world or at least the subjects that I am studying at the moment.

Argiro at MUM Campus

Classes don’t start until 1000 am at MUM but we usually get there early to finish our homework assignments from the night before. We are on a block schedule here which means that we take one class and one class only for one month and then the next month we do this again but with a different class. I love this for a few reasons. One: I can dive completely into a subject. When my attention is entirely on one topic then I can really process it and understand it fully. Two: I get to make great friends in each class because we spend so much time together. Three: The professors get to know you and this makes your working relationship so much better. Four: You complete more credits with this system. Here students take  10 blocks of classes with each class being 4 credits equaling 40 credits a year. By the end of a block I always have a very satisfied feeling because I have learned and accomplished so much and it wasn’t even painful. As a matter of fact it was fun. Can you believe that school can be fun?

For lunch today I ate on campus at the campus dining hall which serves all organic, vegetarian food. The choices are very tasty and healthy and can satisfy a range of appetites. I am attempting to be give up cheese for personal reasons and MUM makes it easy to do so. All the food items are labeled whether or not it contains dairy or wheat as many students are conscious of eating those items. The majority of the vegetables we eat are either grown by MUM or bought from local farmers which makes me feel good about the impact we have on the local economy and about reducing my carbon footprint. Did I also mention that all the breads are fresh and baked daily by MUM staff? Yeah, this is heaven.

Organic Veggies

As I was eating lunch with my friends all of a sudden I heard a rumbling in the cafeteria. Two other student had come into the cafeteria and were drumming on large drums. The music was wonderful and went deep into my soul. The entire cafeteria was captivated by this tribal energy that touched us on so many levels. After a few minutes the music stopped and one of the drummers, Janet, announced that she would be offering a free workshop this saturday to teach people how to drum in the style of various cultures of West Africa. It is not unusual to see classes and workshops offered in the evenings and weekends by students, faculty and members of the community to students for free. Yes, you heard that right: for free. Life just gets better and better.

After lunch I went back to class and learned all about the human brain and physiology by Dr. Fred Travis. He is an amazing professor like so many other professors I have come to know here. I am really enjoying his class but I will have to dedicate an entire blog to discuss his class because it warrants that much attention.  So keep a lookout for the next article.

After class at 3 pm I went to a local coffee shop/ used bookstore to study for my class and to catch up with some friends I had not seen in a while. Then I went to the dome for the evening meditation and re-expereinced the blissful feeling of meditating with over 1,500 people. After meditation I went home and was surprised to see that one of my housemates had made dinner for all of us. I had another awesome organic, vegetarian dinner whilst discussing previous sailing adventures and contemplating the philosophies of various spiritual authors.

After the days adventure I laid down to go to sleep and thought how lucky I am to live this life. I felt so much gratitude for this day. It is truly a blessing to be here and a part of this community. The best part is that pretty much everyone I know here feels the same way that I do. Its a great experience to be happy with other happy people. The even better part is that tomorrow I get to experience this all over again.

To see a short video about the MUM cafeteria click below (its a really good video!):


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Sgt. Supriya S. Vidic was born in the Fiji Islands and migrated to the United States when she was nine years old and became a naturalized citizen at the age of 13. She spent her life moving from one city to another and when she was 19 she decided to join the US Army from Kansas City, MO. Her first duty station was Camp Hovey, S. Korea which was 10 miles from the DMZ. In Korea she was a part of the 1st Brigade Troops Support Battalion under the 2nd Infantry Division. While there she made the rank of Sergeant in two years. Also along with her military responsibilities SGT Vidic volunteered and taught English to Korean children who could not afford an English education. After her tour in S. Korea she went to Ft. Huachuca, AZ as part of the 11th Signal Brigade and deployed to Baghdad, Iraq for 15 months from Dec 2007-Mar 2009. She spent part of her deployment working as a non-commissioned officer supporting the telecommunications needs of the U.S. Embassy and also as a Project Manager in her Battalion s3 Shop. Also while in Iraq she volunteered at the Ibn Sina Hospital in Baghdad and worked in the Intensive Care Ward for Iraqi Nationals where she was able to lend a helping hand and linguistic skills. She completed six years in the US Army earlier this year and is now studying Literature with an Emphasis in writing at MUM in hopes of making the world a better place through her writing.
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