Troy Van Beek

Troy Van Beek

Recently I had the honor to interview MUM alumni and U.S. Navy veteran, Troy Van Beek. He was in the U.S. Navy Seals from 1994– 2003 and then spent two years contracting for the Department of State. After spending many years downrange he was at a crossroads at his life and googled “enlightenment.” He discovered MUM and decided to come here. While at MUM, he spearheaded the sustainability department and made many changes to it, to include reducing lighting costs by 95 percent. I asked Troy some questions about his experiences and here is what he has to say:

How has your experience at MUM effected you?

My experience was of an evolving University, daily transcendental meditation, and a unique town full of of inspired and exceptional people. In computer terms I would say that MUM gave me the ability to “defrag” my brain and body. From this I’ve been able to rest and take in a whole new world of possibilities. After graduating from MUM, I was able to start the company Ideal Energy in Fairfield and it is part of my attempt to be the change I wish to see in the world. Starting with energy efficiency, we hope to be a resource of information and instrument for change in our community and beyond. To me this is a much better way to deal with world security and I am honored to do so

How has TM changed your life?

It was a blast, almost too much. Learning TM was like walking on the moon and it came at time when I really needed it. It gave me the ability to depressurize after spending so much time in different parts of the world and I’m still un-stressing. TM helps me and I utilize it everyday. Im still here because of how powerful it has been for me; I can go anywhere in the world but I’m still here and I want to give back to this community.

Troy Van Beek

What advice or words of wisdom would you offer to someone considering coming to MUM?

It’s not for everybody; but if anybody is looking to learn more about themselves then MUM is perfect. It has the ability to strengthen you as a person and teach you how deep you really are.

How has Maharishi impacted your life?

I did a tour of India when Maharishi passed away and I was told he was the only Yogi to have every received a 21 one gun solute. This I shall never forget. Coming from my background, it seemed rather symbolic for me to see the military honor Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in such a way. I am very thankful for that experience.It is my hope that MUM will continue to have a profound impact on the people of the coming generations.

What are some of your goals?

To make Fairfield sustainable. I am a founding member of the Green Business Council and we help businesses reach levels of sustainability. Fairfield is forward thinking and this comes from MUM and consciousness. MUM nailed me down because of all the support it offers. I finally recognized what it meant to be home. Its like the lotus, continuously unfolding more and more more.

Troy Van Beek

Some final words from Troy Van Beek are, “ Sustainability is really a manifest form of spirituality. Its about being conscious of your environment, the way you interact with things, people, the ecology of things and the environment. You ask me who should be informed about sustainability. I say it should be every man, woman and child. It effects every discipline that is being applied and the world would be a better place because of it. It should be a base for all education.”

To learn more about the sustainability program at MUM please click here:

And here is a short video on the sustainability program at MUM:

About Supriya.Vidic

Sgt. Supriya S. Vidic was born in the Fiji Islands and migrated to the United States when she was nine years old and became a naturalized citizen at the age of 13. She spent her life moving from one city to another and when she was 19 she decided to join the US Army from Kansas City, MO. Her first duty station was Camp Hovey, S. Korea which was 10 miles from the DMZ. In Korea she was a part of the 1st Brigade Troops Support Battalion under the 2nd Infantry Division. While there she made the rank of Sergeant in two years. Also along with her military responsibilities SGT Vidic volunteered and taught English to Korean children who could not afford an English education. After her tour in S. Korea she went to Ft. Huachuca, AZ as part of the 11th Signal Brigade and deployed to Baghdad, Iraq for 15 months from Dec 2007-Mar 2009. She spent part of her deployment working as a non-commissioned officer supporting the telecommunications needs of the U.S. Embassy and also as a Project Manager in her Battalion s3 Shop. Also while in Iraq she volunteered at the Ibn Sina Hospital in Baghdad and worked in the Intensive Care Ward for Iraqi Nationals where she was able to lend a helping hand and linguistic skills. She completed six years in the US Army earlier this year and is now studying Literature with an Emphasis in writing at MUM in hopes of making the world a better place through her writing.
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  1. Doug MacGregor says:

    Great to read this interview. I met Troy when I was looking at the old Ideal Cement building for possible office space. He struck me then as someone with a deep character and a presence of lively dignity. I see now how his time in the service must have contributed to these qualities.
    Military service is by its nature a taking on of stress as a form of service to others. I am so grateful and awestruck at such sacrifice. And I am so glad that TM can be a healing resource for vets transitioning back from the line of fire and beyond. You all deserve it.
    Touching, insightful, and inspiring is Troy saying sustainability is a manifest form of spirituality. He reminds me that consciousness is always to be treasured and cultured, in activity as much as in silence.

    MUMVets! What a great new resource for Fairfield! I am looking forward to reading every word on the site and keeping up with the new posts. God bless.

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